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About me

Hiya! I am a starting indie game developer and welcome to my page. I like old-school type of games and I enjoy working as a systems designer. My favorite game engine is GameMaker Studio.

I am best suited as

Game Designer

UX Designer

System Designer

I like designing. In every way imaginable. Making sure it will be done right is something I strive for.

My work

Orb Overload

I have created a game and published it on steam. It is called Orb Overload. It is a speedrunning platformer where you need to make sure you have enough oxygen. Development on this game taught me the basics of working on a game from start to finish, getting and using feedback, publishing to steam and much more. The game is made in GameMaker Studio.

Cake Quest

Right now I am working on a turnbased RPG called Cake Quest. This is a group project instead of a solo project like Orb Overload. Development on this game is teaching me about workflow tools, planning, leading a team and creating a storyline. Development can be followed on YouTube. The game is being made in GameMaker Studio.

Being Creative is my passion

I aspire to make the world a better place with the products I make. I want to improve people's lives one game, product or song at a time.

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